Air Excellent Air Management System
Air Excellent Air Management System

Air Excellent Air Management System

AIR EXCELLENT: An effective system is one that is radial in design,  offers lower pressure, with sealed mechanical connections with no leakage. Ventilation rates in each room can be controlled by flow restrictors in the distribution box while remaining sustainable and environmentally conscious

What is Air Excellent?

  • An engineered polyethylene airtight semi-rigid anti-microbial duct system
  • Compatible with any HRV or ERV appliance on the market

What It Does

  • Ensures balanced air exchanges in the dwelling.
  • Improves the energy efficiency of the appliance. 
  • Reduces carbon footprint.

How Air Excellent works 

  • Continuous duct runs with mechanical Airtight connections at each end.
  • Pre-Engineered with No Field Commissioning Required.
  • Flow Restrictors are an essential part of the system by adjusting the right air flow to the right room.


  • Continuous Mechanical Airtight Ducts prevents air leakage.
  • No Duct Seal, No Duct Tape, No Screws.
  • System adjustment versatility
Mechanical Connection Time

Mechanical Ventilation Features

  • Mechanically sealed connections create airtight system
  • Use less fittings with extremely versatile flexible duct
  • Fits in 2x4 and 2x6 construction
  • Full set of accessories available making any installation possible
  • Low system pressure loss to minimize fan energy use
  • No Duct Seal, No Duct Tape, No Screws
  • Anti-microbial and anti-static lining eliminating dust and static
  • System can be adjusted on site if install differs from the original Design
  • Emits no VOC 

Configured Precision

Each Air Excellent system is configured to meet the needs of the installation.  This not only helps create an accurate bill of materials, but also assures proper supply and return air.

Air Excellent

Engineered Accuracy

Our FREE design service provides you with detailed information regarding:

  • System Pressure / Flow Restriction Calculations
  • Bill of Material
Air Excellent

Quick Assembly

Snap-fit and that's it. Air Excellent simply clicks together to form an air-tight seal. Flexible ductwork, seal kits, and configured distribution boxes allow for quick system installation to provide the highest indoor air quality to the end-user. Build it the best way you can with Air Excellent.