4" HF SS to PP Adaptor

Article number: ISAAS0404

Custom InnoFlue Appliance Adaptors are approved by the appliance manufacturer for use on specific makes/models of furnaces, water heaters, and boilers. Consult the Centrotherm OEM manual to find specific Appliance Adaptor specified for use on the intended appliance. InnoFlue Appliance Adaptors have undergone rigorous testing and are engineered to adapt to InnoFlue at the boiler connection. Always follow appliance I&O manual.

  • Approved for use by trusted appliance manufacturers.
  • Seamlessly transitions from appliance to polypropylene at flue collar.
  • Evaluated to UL1738 and ULCS636 by ICC.
  • Installs quickly & easily without glues, primers, or solvents.
  • Rated to 230°F (110°C).


Product Name
4" HF SS to PP Adaptor
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